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China and Australia are countries with important influence in the Asia-Pacific region. In recent years, cultural exchange has become an important aspect in the development of bilateral relations, and the relationship between the citizens of two countries is increasingly extensive and close. The exhibition is dedicated to show the diversity of Chinese and Australian arts and culture, and enhance communication between artists. Participating artists present the distinctive artistic features which are generated from the blending and collision of two different cultures, and demonstrate the unique significance of art in daily life. The art indicates the nature of public welfare, which is growing day by day in the present life and constantly showing the spiritual power. The combination of art and public interest is a joint innovation which not only endows art with various social service functions, but also adds profound and unique communication power to public welfare communication. The exhibition will devote to build a communication platform for artists, promote the communication and mutual recommendation in the field of Chinese and Western art, and enhance the mutual complementarity and thrive combination of art and public welfare which becomes the social benefits and value in the soil of China and West.

Opening: 2pm 20th January, 2018
Duration: 20th January – 2nd March, 2018
Address: Enjoy Art Museum B06 797 Road, 798Art Zone, No.2 Jiu Xianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing Academic
Support:Feng Peng
Curator: Ying Wang
Coordinator: Wenting Yang Catherine Niu


Enjoy Art Museum



Billich Art Gallery

Austcham Beijing

Ausasia International Educational & Cultural Exchange Association



Chinese Children's Cultural and Art Green Dream Art Foundation

Beijing Top Distinctive Art Creation Co., Ltd.

The Enjoy Art Museum and the Beijing Top Distinctive Art Creation is organizing the Art Wonderland·Mutual Prosperity - Chinese and Australian Contemporary Art Exhibition is going to open on 2pm 20th January, 2018 (Saturday), at Enjoy Art Museum on the B06 797 Road, 798Art Zone, No.2 Jiu Xianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

The funds raised from the charity auction will be donated to China Foundation of Culture and Arts for Children-Green Dream Art Foundation. The funds will be used for young generations, support children with art dreams, and nourish cognitive, spiritual and personality development, especially for children living in difficulty, children with art talents in China west rural area, and Chinese descendant abroad who lack of traditional Chinese cultural education.

The participate artists are: Xudong Ai / Charles Billich / Gemelle Madigan / Wei Guan / Qing Hua / John Land / Sha Jin / Hong Li / Chunyan Lin / Qiaoming Mi / Yuhe Niu / Lifeng Wang / Jianuo Wang / Xifa Yang.

For more information please contact to: Ms. Yang 13717730719 or Ms. Niu 13810648269


Xudong Ai born in Yili, Xinjiang in August 1968 and graduated from the Fine Arts Education Department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts on July 1990. He has graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts with master degree in 2007. Now he is living in Beijing, as professional artists.

2009  September  'Apartment Service', Xi'an, Shanxi

2011  September   'Contemporary Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition', Venezuela

2011  November   'No Branch Where to Alight', solo exhibition, 4-face Space Gallery, Beijing

2012  November   'Harmony in Divergence', Schema Art Museum, South Korea

2012  December   'China Oriental- New Noah's ark contemporary art', Lifestyle G, Beijing

2013  July        'Dispersion',Three exhibition,Yue Gallery,Beijing

2013 November  'Consumption is not only goods',Five exhibition, Beijing·Beijing gallery,Beijing

2014March       International exhibition of the chinese contemporary ceramic art, Today Art Museum, Beijing

2014  April       ‘The Imperial City in spring salon exhibition’,Imperial City Art Museum, Beijing

No Man's LandNO.1/Oil painting/180x140cm

Charles Billich is a Croatian-born Australian painter best known for his surreal compositions. Juxtaposing interiors, landscapes, and figures, he creates a montage of themes including ballet, sports, ancient Egypt, erotica, and the city of Paris. “There is a touch of irony in what I paint, as there is in all contemporary surreal art,” the artist has said. “My lingua franca for articulating the vast gamma of emotions and impulses inherent to mystic creations.” Billich uses a combination of perspectives and viewpoints while maintaining a highly realistic approach to modeling forms and light, resulting in an aesthetic that is wholly recognizable as his own. Born on September 6, 1934 in Lovran, Croatia, he emigrated to Melbourne, Australia as a young man, where he attended the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and the National Gallery Art School. Today, his works can be found in the collections of the Vatican Collection in Rome, the Museum of Modern Art in Mobile, and the International Olympic Museum in Lausanne, among others. Notably, his portrait of Pope John Paul II was acquired and hung in the Vatican. Billich lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

Zheng he's Voyage to the West-"General Zheng he"/Oil painting/100x100cm

Gemelle Madigan is an Australian artist best known for her monochromatic paintings on glass, acrylic, canvas and paper.  Madigan grew up in rural Australia and moved to Sydney where she studied at the Julian Ashton Art School and the NSW University of Fine Arts ( COFA). Madigan left COFA and began experimenting with different materials, eventually creating her own paint and technique for reverse painting on glass and acrylic.  

"this is what a country of blue oases looks like…." / Mixed Media / 60x60cm 

Born 1957, Beijing, China 

In 1989, three years after graduating from the Department of Fine Arts at Beijing Capital University, Guan Wei came to Australia to take up an artist-in-residence at the Tasmanian School of Art. He was invited to undertake two further residencies: one at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney (1992), the other at the Canberra School of Art, Australian National University (1993). 

In 2003, Guan Wei was artist in residence at the Greene Street Studio, New York, andVisiting Fellow at the Canberra School of Art, Australian National University, Canberra. In 2005 he received an Australia China Council residence grant at the Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan and in 2006 participated in an Australia Council-funded Artists  Camp at Gunbalanya (Oenpelli), in Western Arnhem Land. 

World view / Acrylic on Canvas 
/ 282x750cm

Qing Hua born in Anhui on 1962, graduated from Anhui Art School in 1981

He studied at Central Academy of Arts and Design in 1982 after graduation he engaged in avant-garde art activities at Old Summer Palace.

Solo Exhibitions

1991 GRAFCK KOLITIV Gallery, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

STUDIO GALERIJE FORUM Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

Gallery of LJUBCJANA SKC, Slovenia

1995 Taipei Jisheng Yuehong Gallery

1999 Taipei Beizhuang Art Center

2001 Kaohsiung four Seasons Art Centre

Who am I/Oil on canvas/260x220cm

Educated in Africa, England and Australia, graduating with a major in industrial and domestic design from Queensland College of Art, Australia, mid 70s. Commissioned to design an Arts curriculum for the Catholic Education Department, and continued teaching at the primary school level till the mid 80s. With the following 17 years given to establishing a Fine Art and Investment Gallery in Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast, incorporating a multi-purpose tuition center and production pottery, dealing with private and corporate commissions throughout Australia and overseas. During his 13 years in China, he not only devoted himself to education, but also devoted himself to artistic creation. He created Masai Mara and beyond serieis, using the color of the flow of feeling to create a dream of the world. Silhouettes of people and animals create an atmosphere of storytelling. As mysterious and spectacular as in the Marseilles Mara Nature Reserve in southwestern Kenya!

Ghosts of Masai Mara Serieis 2 Reindeer / Acrylic on Canvas / 80x40cm

Sha Jin was born in Beijing on 1968 and graduated from the Chinese painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1992. He keen to study from the western Renaissance and Chinese classical masters. He creates continuingly until these days under the inspiration and influence of the masters. He is the vice president and secretary general of Beijing traditional Chinese realistic painting association, the executive director of Chinese realistic painting society and the member of art committee of Zhejiang painting institute of traditional Chinese realistic painting. Now he is living and working in Sydney and Beijing. Solo exhibition 2016 Mirror·Eclipse Jin Sha solo exhibition, Amy Lee Gallery, Beijing, China 2016 tribute to Masters-Tokyo solo exhibition, Tokyo Gallery BTAP, Beijing 2014 tribute to Masters-Tokyo solo exhibition, Tokyo Gallery BTAP, Tokyo

Salute to Masters : Conversation with Sandro Botticelli/Ink and Colour Pigment on Silk/105x85cm

Master of Studio Arts, University of Sydney College of Fine Art.

Associate Diploma in Visual Arts, College of Fine Art, University of New South Wales, Paddington.

Bachelor of Visual Art, Woodcut, Beijing Central Fine Arts Institute.Exhibitions

Traversing Gou Rex-Livingston Art Dealer, Surry Hills, NSW

Traversing, Today Art Musuem, Beijing

Wind Change, Immersion Therapy Artspace, Melbourne

Solo exhibition, Mind Speak, Beijing Hua Cai Gallery

Interlaced 1/120x90cm/ acrylic on Canvas/2017

1962 Born in Beijing

1994 Graduated from Visual Art Department of Western Sydney, Australia

Present: Lives in Beijing as a professional artist

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2006    “Beijing Dreaming, Bundeena Dawn” Gallery Hm Sydney Australia

2005    Lin Chunyan Oil Painting Exhibition, Pen Pal Art Gallery, Guangzhou

2000    Lin Chunyan Oil Painting Exhibition, Pen Pal Art Gallery, Guangzhou

Lin Chunyan Art Exhibition, Tuancheng Gallery, Beijing

1995    Lin Chunyan Art Exhibition, Panorama Gallery, Beijing

1990    Lin Chunyan Art Exhibition, EMR Gallery, Sydney

1986    Lin Chunyan’s Painting, Museum of Heilongiiang Province, Harbin

1984    Lin Chunyan Art Exhibition, Old Observatory, Beijing

Sunset glow /oil painting/200x300cm

Born in Dalian, Liaoning, China and graduated from Repin Academy of Fine Arts, Russia with Doctor's degree, Qiaoming Mi lives in Beijing as a professional artist and serves at present as a member of the Chinese Artists Association, a researcher in China Art Research Institute, and the director of China Culture Administration Association.

The Solo Exhibition as below

2017:"Qiaoming Mi Oil : Enlightenment —  Fanyun Jixiang Series Exhibition " in Beijing

2017:"Empathyt — Qiaoming Mi Oil Painting Works Exhibition " in Milan,Italy

2017: "Concept — Qiaoming Mi Oil Painting Works Exhibition Tour" in Florence,Italy

2017"Qiaoming Mi Oil Painting Works Exhibition and 2017 "The Belt and Road" China works exchange culture and Art Exhibition" in Dubai

Cornfield/Oil on canvas/40x20cm

Independent artists

People born in 1982 in taian city, shandong province

Graduated from shandong art school in 2001

In 2008, he set up a personal art studio in Beijing

Now living in Beijing and yinchuan

Works by domestic and foreign art galleries, art institutions, art galleries, collectors. Painting works, articles, review articles was in the "art magazine", "art net", "art tree AR REES", "VART" and so on many art journals.2015 "1+1 know yourself" art exhibition won the best exploration Award

Solo Exhibition:

2017  Poetic painting——Niu yuhe works exhibition(Art interaction /Su zhou)

2016  Stir fried Ru meng ling——Niu Yuhe's oil painting exhibition(San qing shangart gallery/ Hang zhou)

2015  A blade of grass——NiuYuHe personal exhibition(Chen Gallery /798/ Beijing)

2015  Busy passenger and Castle Peak -- Niu Yuhe's personal art exhibition(First Sound Gallery /798/ Beijing)

Two personal exhibition:

2016  Detachment outside the object——Niu Yu He +Yi guo dong two personal exhibition(Yue gallery/ Bei jing)

2014  "Su. Jing" Niu Yu He + Zhang Qinghui two personal exhibition(Onyx gallery/ Bei jing)

Winter hill /Acrylic on canvas/200x90cm

Lifeng Wang, born in Inner Mongolia, started woodcarving and oil painting in 1979. He is now a professional painter.

Art Exhibitions:

2002 "Datang" series art expo gallery shanghai

2003 "Big Man" series (part) Red Gate Gallery Beijing

2004 "Big Man" series (part) J. GALLERY Gallery, Hong Kong

2005 "Da Song" series Red Gate Gallery Beijing

"Song" series Munich Germany

"Song" series (part) J. GALLERY Gallery, Hong Kong

Grand Song Art Gallery Shanghai


Green hill 003/Oil on canvas/180x432cm

He born in Shenyang, China in 1989. He studied painting when he was young and resident in UK when he was 17-year-old. He admitted to Wimbledon College, London University of the Arts in 2010. He host the first solo exhibition < you made me >. In England on 2011. He studied in Chelsea College, London University of the Arts to study for a Master's degree in 2013. Then he set up the Wang Jiano's Studio in Songzhuang Beijing, China in 2014. Solo Exhibition: 2017 “Ta’s Country-Wang Jiano Independent Project” at Author Gallery Beijing, China 2017 “Wang Jiano solo art exhibition” at Author Gallery Beijing, China

wild world no.14/Cloth face synthesis/150x150cm

Xifa Yang’s paintings use the human body as a medium, making use of traditional materials that are distinctively Chinese, such as fine writing paper from Xuangcheng. Xifa Yang’s works intend to unfold a distant insight to heart and soul by portraying a natural body flying and traveling with birds, fish and butterflies in the universe. The brush strolls on paper along with his heart, absorbs his mind to its tip and pours his thoughts into his paintings. In tranquility, the body and mind converse with nature, enter an entirely free world and give voice to emotion and soul.

Xifa Yang’s work draws on his trans-cultural experiences, contrasting aspects of Chinese tradition to Western ideas and culture.  He has exhibited in the Campbelltown City Bicentennial Art Gallery in the Scattered Memories and Extinct Memories exhibition and Wollongong City Gallery in the Midway Exhibition. He is currently Associate Professor of the Department of Oriental Arts at Nankai University and a member of the Chinese Artists Association. He has been to Australia several times to exchange academic experiences with foreign artists, dividing his time between Wollongong and Nankai University.

Where do we come from? Who are we? Where shall we go? Dialogue with Gauguin/522 x240cm


Room 550 Beijing Urban Constraction N Square, Beijing China 100012 Tel:+8610 84369801